Located in the very heart of Galicia, its may characteristic is a unique landscape

The Sacred Riverside is a land marked by the rivers Miño and Sil which, on their streamline, shape the mountains onto impressive and beautiful landscapes. This area is also full of mysticism related to the great amount of monasteries and archaeological treasures that you can also visit. All of that and many other activities facilitated by the river and the vineyards on the riverbeds make this spot in Galicia a perfect retreat in every way.

The Route of Ribeira Sacra´s Wine extends along the territory to which the Original Denomination of wine Ribeira Sacra belongs. It comprises about twenty boroughs along the south of Lugo county and northeast of Ourense county.

The scenery is characterised by riverbeds full of vineyards, the river canyons and the numerous churches and monasteries distributed along the area; for which the name of Sacred Riverside was given. The largest amount of Romanic style constructions of Europe is in “Ribeira Sacra”.

Panoramic diversity is one of the distinctions of the area; not only because of the riverbeds full of vineyards but also because of the conservation of autochthonous woods, being oaks and chestnuts the prominent species.

“Ribeira Sacra” is a magical retreat full of tradition; full of green and yellow wilderness; made out of stone… stone in the vineyard terraces, stone of the monasteries and Romanic churches, stone olden bridges, towers, forts…


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